Bard Early College

How does your organization serve the local community?

Bard Early College in New Orleans engages bright, intellectually curious students through a tuition-free, immersive liberal arts curriculum. By promoting authentic and supportive undergraduate opportunities, BECNO faculty and staff prepare students of all academic backgrounds for further college success.  We act on this belief by offering 11th and 12th graders a unique opportunity: students spend the second half of every school day as undergraduates of Bard College, completing the first year of a Bard education during the last two years of high school. 

Describe your experience working with Serve Louisiana members.

Our current members, Adele and Tayler, are a vital part of our Bard Early College in New Orleans campus. Tayler, a 2017 Bard graduate, brings the unique perspective of her own recent college experiences when leading 11th graders in college advising sessions. She’s a force of positivity and pushes both student and staff thinking with her spirit of inquiry. Adele is the epitome of a team player. She has forged positive relationships with everyone who comes to campus each day, as well as our larger community connections. A master of English (literally), Adele, like Tayler, has been an absolute asset when it comes to supporting and tutoring our young college students. 

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