NetWork Volunteers

Why did you look to Serve Louisiana to help grow your organization’s capacity?

As an AmeriCorps alum, I knew firsthand about the great potential and power its programs offers to partner organizations. Furthermore, after working with numerous nonprofits over the past 10 years, I saw countless times how much Serve Louisiana members made a difference, and I knew our organization could greatly benefit, as well. 

What kinds of work have your Serve Louisiana members done for you? 

Almost everything! Serve Louisiana members have done so much for our organization that it's hard to imagine what NetWork Volunteers would look like without them. Members bring so much great passion, energy and dedication to the table. Our staff looks forward to working with them.

What did you gain from being a partner? What were the biggest benefits?

The Serve Louisiana team and members continually give us the resources and confidence we need to grow and increase our impact. Working with members provides a great burst of energy and support, while also creating a pipeline of future leaders. Most members quickly establish themselves as leaders within our organization and many have continued to stay involved with us. It’s always a real pleasure having them here, and we hope to be a partner for a long time. We strongly recommend Serve Louisiana to any nonprofit looking for additional support. 

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