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Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is a non-profit organization whose mission is to drive bold, science-based action to rebuild coastal Louisiana through outreach, restoration and advocacy.

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Dat School

A learning center where children explore their interests and pursue their passions while living in an intentional community.

Dat School provides children with the resources that allow their curiosity, playfulness, and sociability to flourish in a setting that promotes social, cultural, and economic diversity as well as social justice and environmental sustainability.

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Friends of Lafitte Greenway

Friends of Lafitte Greenway formed in early 2006 by New Orleans community members who were concerned about post- Katrina planning, neighborhood revitalization, and open space development and alarmed about short-term political decisions being made without benefit of long-term planning vision. Friends of Lafitte Greenway founders and supporters saw an opportunity to rethink the city's landscape to enhance livability, environmental sustainability, open space equity, and health. Friends of Lafitte Greenway built a network of diverse constituents who shared its vision of preserving the continuous open space in the former Lafitte rail corridor, and developing a greenway amenity that encourages active living, facilitates economic development, and links adjacent neighborhoods, cultural features, historic sites, retail areas and public spaces.

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Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

As the public’s independent voice, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s (LPBF) mission is to restore and preserve the Pontchartrain Basin for the benefit of this and future generations.As the public’s independent voice, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s (LPBF) mission is to restore and preserve the Pontchartrain Basin for the benefit of this and future generations.

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Luke's House Clinic

The mission of Luke's House is to be a place of medical and spiritual hope, health and healing for the people of Greater New Orleans, to provide patient centered experiences for students, and to open a doorway to long-term healthcare solutions.

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Network Volunteers

Our mission is to recruit, connect and manage a network of volunteers and community organizations by identifying impactful volunteer projects and creating turn-key volunteer experiences.

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Orleans Public Defenders

Dignity. Justice. Hope.

We fight for our clients by providing excellent client-centered representation, reforming the system and partnering with the community.

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Recirculating Farms Coalition

The Recirculating Farms Coalition supports building eco-friendly farms that use clean recycled water to grow local, accessible, fresh food and create stable green jobs

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Sankofa New Orleans

At Sankofa Community Development Corporation, we believe health to be the cornerstone of a thriving community. When individuals are healthy, relationships function better, families operate more easily and communities are more cohesive. This creates opportunities for increased safety, stability and overall viability.

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Young Audiences Charter School

Young Audiences Charter School's mission is to educate the whole child through arts integration and equip our creative learners to flourish as leaders in life and learning.

Young Audiences Charter School's vision is to educate creative learners to be self-aware thinkers, creators, and problem solvers who serve as leaders in their community and have a lifelong love of learning. Serving PreK4-10 on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish.

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