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Center for Planning Excellence

CPEX brings people, culture, and planning together to make great communities happen.

We champion the power of good planning to build livable, resilient communities throughout Louisiana through our work as policy advocates, educators, and planning experts.

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Humanities Amped

Humanities Amped is an innovative curricular program at McKinley Senior High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is a collection of English Language Arts, Social Studies, and elective classes based in critical participatory action research and culturally sustaining pedagogies.


The Humanities Amped mission is to provide transformative learning opportunities that awaken the capacities of students to take critically informed action within their own communities. We understand humanities education as an active doing in which research, civic action, and creative problem-solving fuel learning.


We envision public schools as intergenerational spaces for critical inquiry and concrete action in collaboration with local communities. Young people’s agency, well-being, and democratic participation drive the educational process. In such spaces, learning is pleasurable, generative, and rooted in relationships.

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Louisiana State University Campus Life Food Pantry

The mission of the LSU Food Pantry is to provide supplemental food to students in need who may experience hunger or food insecurity.

Food insecurity is a prevalent issue on college campuses nationwide that goes largely unaddressed. Some students may experience situational hunger or insecurity while others may demonstrate chronic hunger or insecurity and a need for continued support. Regardless of circumstances, no student should have to choose between food and other basic needs. The Food Pantry exists to help ease that choice and provide support.

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Together Baton Rouge

Together Baton Rouge is a broad-based coalition of congregations and community-based organizations in the Greater Baton Rouge area, with the capacity to address community problems large and small. The coalition is deliberate about crossing the lines of race, religion, neighborhood and political affiliation. It works on issues affecting families and communities, and is a strictly non-partisan organization.

We have three basic goals:

  1. to build relationships across our community based on trust and a willingness to listen to each other,
  2. to equip our members and leadership with skills and practices to get results, and
  3. to achieve change on concrete issues, as part of our common call to justice.

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Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation

At Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation, no one is left out of the equation. UREC takes pride in investing in individuals across generational, social and economic lines. Our human development initiatives educate, activate and train youth and adults to become empowered community members & stakeholders, reliable professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Our investments in others continue to pay off.

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The Walls Project

The Walls Project is a community reactivation organization stimulating Louisiana's creative economy. We CREATE and paint murals in underinvested schools and neighborhoods, CULTIVATE, educate and inspire youth to attain the high-demand jobs of the future, and REACTIVATE communities by remediating blight and making them safer.

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