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Baton Roots

Community Farm and Garden network in Baton Rouge

By blending access to fresh food, skill-development, socialization, and art into one location, Baton Roots brings an opportunity for our community to learn best practices in sustainable agriculture on an urban farm.

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East Baton Rouge Parish Library

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is a community service organization that connects our citizens with information, resources, materials, technology, and experiences in order to make a positive difference in their lives.

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Gardere Initiative

Our mission is to provide children and families throughout the Gardere Community with fundamental services and resources that are ultimately unavailable to them.

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Louisiana Environmental Action Network

The purpose of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) is to foster cooperation and communication between individual citizens and corporate and government organizations in an effort to assess and mend the environmental problems in Louisiana. LEAN's goal is the creation and maintenance of a cleaner and healthier environment for all of the inhabitants of this state.

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Louisiana Sea Grant

Louisiana Sea Grant's mission is to generate and provide science-based information and tools that support the state. The program envisions resilient and sustainable coastal communities, economies, and ecosystems that are supported by engaged and informed public and decision-makers.

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Louisiana State University Campus Life Food Pantry

The mission of the LSU Food Pantry is to provide supplemental food to students in need who may experience hunger or food insecurity.

Food insecurity is a prevalent issue on college campuses nationwide that goes largely unaddressed. Some students may experience situational hunger or insecurity while others may demonstrate chronic hunger or insecurity and a need for continued support. Regardless of circumstances, no student should have to choose between food and other basic needs. The Food Pantry exists to help ease that choice and provide support.

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March for Moms

March For Moms aligns the diverse voices of families, healthcare providers, policymakers, and partners to advocate for mother’s and families’ health, well-being and equal access to care. Watch the following video to understand why this work is so important.

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Mid City Redevelopment Alliance

We develop and promote the growth and revitalization of Mid City Baton Rouge by attracting new and retaining current residents and businesses.
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance was founded by the Baton Rouge General in the fall of 1991. As the first not-for-profit organization in Baton Rouge created to address the challenges of a specific geographic region, Mid City Redevelopment Alliance has established itself as one of the most dynamic and successful community development organizations in our city.

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Pointe Coupee Early Childhood Coalition

Our Mission: To create an environment where our youngest children and families have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to help them be happy, healthy, resilient, and successful. We seek to be a model for other rural communities.

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Sexual Trauma Awareness Response (STAR)

Mission: To support survivors of sexual trauma, improve systems response, and create social change to end sexual violence.

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Together Baton Rouge

Together Baton Rouge is a broad-based coalition of congregations and community-based organizations in the Greater Baton Rouge area, with the capacity to address community problems large and small. TBR is deliberate about crossing the lines of race, religion, neighborhood and political affiliation. It organizes to build the power to address issues affecting families and communities, and is a strictly a non-partisan organization.

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Westside Sponsoring Committee

A New Voice for our Community

We’re building a new kind of organization:

  1. To develop relationships across the lines that have divided our community – the lines of race, political affiliation, denomination, geography.
  2. To strengthen the leadership capacity and effectiveness of our community members.
  3. To take action on concrete issues to improve our community’s quality of life.

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