What is the timeline for applying to host a Serve Louisiana member to when they start?

The partner organization application opens every March for the service term that starts the following spring. Check out this year's timeline here.

How does Serve Louisiana choose members?

Our staff conducts extensive screening to ensure that our members are coachable, committed and ready for an 11-month year of service. We pass along applications from the best candidates to the partner organizations of the candidates’ interest, and from there, it’s up to the applicant and the partner organization to determine what would make a great match.

Can we give input for the position's qualifications?

Yes, please! While Serve Louisiana trains members on professionalism and soft skills like facilitation, coordination, culture competency and more, we don’t provide much specific technical training that some positions might require. If you need a Serve Louisiana member who is a strong writer or has experience in graphic design, we encourage you to include that in the position description.

What is the deadline for paying the cash match?

The $16,000 cash match is due by October 15th.

An August 1st start date better aligns with our organization’s calendar. Can Serve Louisiana members start early?

Sorry, but no. All members start September 1st, the same day that their insurance coverage begins.

What happens if a member chooses to leave the partner organization early?

While we have several measures in place to avoid it, sometimes members do leave early. If this happens before October 1st, we will issue a pro-rated refund to you, or we can re-advertise and work with you to replace the member.

What’s the minimum number of members we can host during a service term?

Partner organizations can host one member, but we prefer when 2-3 members are at an organization together. This encourages camaraderie and helps the organization’s staff understand the AmeriCorps and Serve Louisiana approach.

Is there any activity that’s prohibited for members?

Serve Louisiana members are not allowed to raise general funds for the organization or participate in anything that works towards influencing policy or legislation. They cannot replace paid staff members, and their commitment to partners is to work on meaningful, capacity-building projects, not serve as administrative assistants.

When are members out of the office?

Members are expected to serve 40 hours per week, from September 1 to July 31st. They are off for six federal holidays and receive 10 personal days. Additionally, members attend mandatory team meetings each month and our biannual, three-day overnight Personal and Professional Development training.